Landscaping awards

The landscape awards take place every year on behalf of Marshalls plc – the biggest paving manufacturer in the whole of the UK. Thousands upon thousands of entries are sent in and vetted by a panel of judges who then decide the best companies to win for different categories and an overall prize / title of landscaper of the year is announced.

We here at Briarlea are very proud to have won the biggest title of Britain’s Landscape Contractor of the Year” – the first time and first ever Scottish landscape company to win this very prestigious award.

Here you can see all of our awards won and of course our overall prize for landscaper of the year.

  • Best Engineering Achievement – Scottish Award 2017

  • Best Large Driveway Transformation – National Award 2016

  • Best Engineering Achievement – Scottish Award 2013

  • Best Use Of Ethically Sourced Fairstone – Scottish Award 2012

  • Best Large Patio – Scottish Region Award 2012

  • Best Driveway Transformation under 5k, 2010

  • Best Use of Ethically Sourced Fairstone, 2010

  • Best Engineering Achievement, 2010

  • Best Engineering Achievement, 2009